Last update: May 19, 2024.

What to do in Parma when it rains

What can you visit in Parma when it rains? Go to the local restaurants! But savoring the dishes of Italian cuisine is not the only thing that you can do in Parma in bad weather. Parma is very beautiful even in the rain. We have selected for you some of the things you can do when it rains.

Eating in Parma

Prosciutto di Parma, Italy
Prosciutto di Parma

The local cuisine of Parma is one of the most famous in the world. More information on all the restaurants and the dishes to try can be found on the page “The local cuisine and restaurants”.


In the center of Parma there are plenty of shops selling the famous brands, so you can also spend an entire day shopping.

In addition, the renowned outlet “Fidenza Village” is not far from Parma. And there you can find more than 100 brand name stores where, most importantly, there are always sales! “Fidenza Village” is particularly popular with Russian tourists so all the shop assistants speak Russian. You can reach the outlet by car or by train to the town of Fidenza from where you take a special shuttle bus. More information on the website:

Museums in Parma

The National Gallery in the Palazzo della Pilotta, Parma, Italy
The National Gallery in the Palazzo della Pilotta

Somewhere else to go when it rains are the museums. You will need more than two hours to visit them. The list of local museums, which are the most popular with tourists, can be found on the page “What to see in Parma”.

Castles and surroundings of Parma

View from Bardi Castle, Parma, Italy
View from Bardi Castle

If it is raining in Parma, take a look at the forecasts for the surrounding areas. You could go to the village of Bardi, for example, where you will find a famous castle. For information on other tourist places near Parma read the page “Near Parma”.

Also keep in mind that in less than 2 hours you can reach Milan and Florence! You could organize a day trip! For information on how to spend a day in Milan and Florence, go to the page: Nearest cities -

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