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Frequently Asked Questions

Tourists love this city because of its excellent cuisine and the numerous medieval buildings. Divided in two by the river of the same name, Parma has the feel of a wealthy provincial city, very comfortable and quiet.

To find out how to spend your holidays in Parma without missing a thing, read the information here on our site. Below is an up-to-date selection of responses to the most frequently asked questions which will be useful for tourists visiting Parma.

Top Questions

When is the best time to visit Parma?

The tourist season starts at the end of March and lasts until mid-October. More information on tourism in Parma in the various seasons of the year are described at the page “When to visit Parma”.

Where is the best place to stay in Parma?

If you want to get the most out of your sightseeing in Parma, we recommend you stay in the center of town where there are hotels to suit all pockets, or you can book a room outside the city center. The important thing is to be close to a bus stop. There is more information on the page “Recommended Hotels”.

How many days should we spend in Parma?

The town itself is small, so you can visit Parma in just one day without staying overnight. But there are many interesting things to see in the surroundings of the city. Tourists usually stay in Parma from three to seven days which allows them to also make day trips to nearby places. Read the section “Near Parma” to discover what to visit in the surrounding area.

Where can you leave your luggage?

If you are passing through Parma, you will have take your luggage with you, as it cannot be left at the station.

Average costs

Credit cards are accepted for payment almost everywhere in Parma, and there are numerous ATMs. But of course, it is preferable to have some euros in cash with you. As for the cost of food, breakfast is included in the price at the hotels in Parma. Otherwise, an Italian breakfast of a cappuccino and a pastry will cost you around 2 - 4 euros per head. Meals, instead, will cost about 20-35 euros per person but you can spend less: a pizza and a beer, for example, will cost you about 15 euros.

Currency exchange in Parma

Since Parma is a small tourist town you will not find currency exchange shops here, so you will have to change your currency at a bank with a passport, but better still make a withdrawal from an ATM, thus paying less commission.

Visiting Parma on a budget

If you are looking for a cheap place to eat in Parma, you will find plenty of bars with pizzas and sandwiches costing 3-4 euros. You can also find somewhere to sleep at an affordable price.

Accommodation, local shops

How to choose a hotel in Parma? What you need to know

It’s not just the economic aspect that is important, the location of the hotel is also important. If you don’t have a car, it’s best to stay in the city center of Parma. There is more information on the pages “Recommended Hotels” and “Where to stay in Parma”.

When to book your hotel

The earlier you start looking for somewhere to stay in Parma, the wider the choice. You need have no qualms about making a reservation well in advance. This site offers you the possibility of canceling your booking free of charge at almost all the hotels. In any case, we advise you to book your accommodation at least a couple of months beforehand.

Wi-Fi and mobile network

If making a phone call while you are in Parma is expensive with your provider’s rate, you can use the services of a local provider. Wind is the best one for tourists. You can purchase a SIM in the Wind shop located 20 meters / 65 ft. from the main square of Parma in one of the most famous streets, via Farini. You shouldn’t encounter any problems with Wi-Fi which you will find in most of the hotels in Parma and in almost all the bars and restaurants (ask the waiter for the password).
Roaming between European countries was completely canceled in 2017.

Lunch break for shops

In Parma, just as in the rest of Italy, the shops close for a long break mostly from 1pm to 3.30pm.

What to buy as souvenirs?

The most famous things in Parma are obviously parmesan cheese and ham. Of course, we advise you not transport ham in summer, but you should at least try it! On the other hand, Parmesan cheese is sold in vacuum packs so it’s easy to take it away with you. You could also purchase a couple of bottles of wine, and the most famous in Parma are Malvasia and Lambrusco.


Which is the nearest airport?

The Parma airport serves only a small number of flights. The nearest airports to Parma are in Milan and Bologna (more information at the page “How to get there”).

How to get to Parma from an airport?

The train is the best option for tourists. In Parma, rail transport is well organized. In addition, the Parma train station is located only ten minutes’ walk from the center.

It is worthwhile renting a car?

Yes, because that way it will be easier to visit places of interest around Parma (see the page “Near Parma”), and there are indeed many! Furthermore, as you enter the city there are free parking areas. It’s best if you rent a car on this site.

How to get around in Parma

Cars are forbidden to enter the center of Parma, so it is therefore better to use the bus or a bicycle. There is more information on the page “How to get around”.

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